Color Block Knit Beanie

Color Block Knit Beanie


Our Lj beanies are made with a soft, thin yarn and are double layered for added comfort and squish. Customize with a luxury faux fur pom pom or leave it as is!

The adult beanie can fit ages 2 and up, you'll just need to fold the brim up! This way you can share, or they'll be able to wear them for years to come!

Current turnaround time is 3-4 weeks though I do my
best to get them completed sooner.

Beanies are not a toy. Tags are a choking hazard and children should not be left unattended with them. By purchasing our products you waive us of all liability.

Color Block Knit Beanie  Image 2 Color Block Knit Beanie  Image 3 Color Block Knit Beanie  Image 4 Color Block Knit Beanie  Image 5
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