Luxury Bristol Royal Beanie

Luxury Bristol Royal Beanie

$65.00 - $70.00 — Sold out

One of our most popular custom requests is now available in the shop for a limited time! The Bristol Royal beanie is a luxury beanie complete with our limited edition Eclipse pom! The yarn is much smaller than our normal Royal beanie yarn and is so soft, the perfect compliment to any outfit! Dress it up or down ~ No telling how long this beanie will be available, so grab yours now!

➰sizing is done by head circumference
•child• 19-21 inches
•adult• 21-22 inches
•large adult• 23-24 inches

*Customers are responsible for making sure sizing is correct. If you are unsure of your size please measure around the largest part of the head, or ask for assistance prior to ordering. We cannot be responsible for items ordered in the wrong size.

Beanies are not a toy and children should not be left unattended with them.

Luxury Bristol Royal Beanie  Image 2 Luxury Bristol Royal Beanie  Image 3 Luxury Bristol Royal Beanie  Image 4
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